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Test Adjust and Balance (TAB) and Commissioning:

We provide independent NEBB certified TAB service for new and existing buildings in both air and water systems.  We also provide building commissioning services by performing as lead building systems commissioning agent and as mechanical systems commissioning agent.

TAB work for new construction is where the rubber meets the road.  Many building owners do not recognize the value of quality TAB work; this is the point where you determine if you are getting what you paid for in your mechanical systems.  Quality TAB work is a form of commissioning in itself.  If you can't trust the TAB team, then you should not use them.

Reasons to choose our team:

bulletWe are honest and will tell you like it is.
bulletAs a Professional Engineer (PE), we have and continue to design mechanical systems and thus are able to stay abreast of the most current and effective equipment and systems in the HVAC market.
bulletAs a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP), we understand the importance of good indoor air quality, and know what is required to achieve and maintain it.  We understand the big picture of how different building systems and components can affect the performance of the HVAC system.  We know how the performance of the HVAC systems can affect the temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality of your building.
bulletAs a Certified Air Filter specialist (CAFS), we know which types of air filters are required for specific levels of air filtration.
bulletAs a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), we know when the HVAC systems are performing efficiently and more importantly when they are not.
bulletOur test equipment is state of the art and of the highest accuracy.  We also have data logging equipment which can record system parameters for extended periods and can provide information not available from instantaneous readings. You should know that your outside air flow rates are adequate and be able to prove it.
bullet We can verify your control systems are performing with proper sequences of operation in all modes of operation.  This is a critical part of the process of proving that your mechanical systems are performing as required and that you are getting what you paid for.




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